V-Bak is only intended for use in conjunction with Melissa’s Secret water-based personal lubricant and is not compatible with any silicone-based lubricants.

The V-Bak lubricant disk has a two-year lifespan with proper care. It is not recommended to use the same applicator for more than two years.

The V-BAK is designed with holes to distribute lubrication. 

It is not a menstruation cup.

It will not prevent pregnancy.

It will not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have a history of GYN procedures or surgeries, consult with a health care provider before using the V-Bak.

V-Bak may not be suitable for use with an IUD as it may cause dislodgment. Check with your health care provider before using the V-Bak with an IUD.  

Always store V-Bak in its case and wash hands before inserting or removing the V-Bak disc.

When not in use, the V-Bak should be stored in its case.

Do not expose the V-Bak to extreme heat or cold.

Always inspect the integrity of your V-Bak before use.