Why V-Bak?

Sexual wellness is essential for all adults, so I was disheartened when I experienced early onset menopause that put a damper on my sex life. I began suffering from vaginal dryness, a common side effect for women going through the change. After a particularly disappointing intimate encounter, the inspiration for V-Bak came to me in a dream. Now I’ve made that dream a reality, so you don’t have to suffer as I did.

 Stopping for lubricant in the middle of being intimate can be uncomfortable and often a mood killer. But, if you’re like me, you’ve tried the over-the-counter options: manually applying lube to you or your partner, filling messy plungers, or inserting expensive suppositories—all with frustrating outcomes. It’s maddening to use these products only to have them fall right out again when you stand up or change positions.

 After one painful, intimate evening, I fell asleep wishing for a simple solution to solve my discomfort. In a dream, it came to me—a comfortable disc that slowly distributes personal lubricant for long-lasting relief. The vision was so vivid that I was sure I’d come across this personal lubricant applicator in my quest to solve my dryness issues. I began searching for this innovative solution, but as hard as I looked, I couldn’t find this mystery product anywhere.

Later, I confided in my sister about my unsatisfactory evening and subsequent dream. I chuckled as I told her that if this simple solution to vaginal dryness didn’t really exist, I would just have to make it happen. Now V-Bak is here!

 When intimate touch hurts, everyone suffers—but you don’t have to. Join me and the [other/hundreds of/thousands of] women who have said no to suffering from vaginal dryness and yes to feeling great inside and out. Are you ready to get your V-Bak?



Creator of V-Bak